HELPS Travels with UnitsUSA


HELPS International is a non-denominational Christian organization committed to assisting the indigenous people of Guatemala through programs in education and literacy, medicine and health care, and projects of practical social concern.  Since 1983, and through a difficult civil war, HELPS has continued to work alongside thousands of volunteers to accomplish its mission of developing lasting programs and providing assistance to the people of rural Guatemala.  HELPS is a volunteer organization.  Our teams are staffed by national and international volunteers, who individually cover the costs of their trips.  Each team operates under leadership of a team leader.  HELPS provides complete coordination and logistics for our teams.  We arrange for all air and in-country ground transportation, housing, and food.  Our aim is to provide our volunteers with a life-changing experience.  
Steve Harris, an Ob/Gyn from Dallas Texas, and his wife, Alicia have been traveling to Guatemala with HELPS for the past eleven years.  “Our trip this past January was extremely successful.  The Dallas/Minnesota Medical and Stove Teams returned January 25th after a week in the village of San Cristobal, Altaverapaz. The Medical Team saw 2,276 patients, which includes 126 surgical procedures, 1,273 clinical examinations, and 877 outreach visits. The Stove Team provided 60 families in the San Cristobal area with the ONIL indoor and outdoor stoves and water purifiers.” 
Steve and Alicia, who will return to Guatemala on January 21, 2012 as team leaders, want to express their thanks to UnitsUSA.  “We are grateful to UnitsUSA for providing ultrasound equipment to the team.  We appreciate knowing that we will receive up-to-date equipment in sufficient time for our trip and that our only obligation is to return the equipment intact and in a timely fashion.  Having this equipment available has been invaluable in identifying problems and providing comfort to our patients in Guatemala.”

For more information on HELPS, please go to  Or, if you’re interested in traveling to Guatemala with the Dallas/Minnesota team, please contact Steve & Alicia Harris at or call 214.912.6086