How I introduce ultrasound to the team

The ultrasound is both a diagnostic and a ministry tool.  We can use it very differently than in your current practice and I hope you can get over the idea that you need a deep justification to ask for the exam.  We can have fun and look at almost anything.   It can probably tell you whether something is solid, cystic, patent, occluded, inflamed, calm, large, small, how deep and hanging onto what.  These are things that are sometimes helpful to know. Thyroids certainly can be done but if there is a solid mass, benign vs. malignant can be difficult.  Patients in some cultures know about US and enjoy seeing and hearing about their insides.  In prisons I have found the most delightful vascular anomalies and an amazing number of kidney stones, sometimes obstructing and damaging the kidney.  With a male translator, testicular torsion, tumor, epididymitis. varicocele, spermatocele or cyst can be explored.  I can drain an abscess or a cyst and inject a joint or tendon for pain management.  The presence of PID and fibroids is fairly easy. It is helpful with amenorrhea.  Gall bladder disease, appendicitis and solid organ assessment is a breeze.   I do not have a cardiac or rectal probe.  I probably have other tricks that I can't recall but far more important is:   Ultrasound works as a ministry tool.  Patients frequently like another touch and mine is quite non-offensive and with high tech appeal.  The mystery of the images gives me an opportunity for the "laying on of hands" and the joy of showing individuals how wonderfully made they are in the image of God.  It seems to provide a non-threatening time of witness and sometimes confession.  Please utilize me or I could pull out my stethoscope and prescription pad and that is not always good.  It is nice if you can let me know whether I am doing a "s" social/ministry ultrasound or a real diagnostic dilemma is upon us.  I so look forward to serving together.  See you soon