Cambodia is a beautiful country full of buffalo carts and rice paddies and with the aftereffects of the radical communists, Khmer Rouge very evident.  During 1974-78 the genocide of 2-4m citizens almost eliminated the educated and business classes.  The society has only started to heal in the past 8 years.   This was the first mission group which was allowed in and we had to spend a morning with the regional leaders, pictures, flowers and completing the red tape.  Our trip plans changed multiple times as doors we thought were open and available, got slammed shut and alternate locations arranged.  We practiced in settings as diverse as the recent typhoon region where structures were destroyed and we were outside on hammocks and picnic tables to private homes and communist headquarters. We partnered with the Cambodian Christian Medical society, Dr. Ross and World Vision.  They were wonderful partners.  Dr. Ross had worked with the dental students for 6 months on translation and witness in preparation for our arrival.  The dental translators taught us much.  They were all first generation Christians and were very anxious to share their faith.  They experience persecution from friends and families and could use your prayers.  Americans are not automatically trusted and appreciated.  We had to earn their respect.

One 12 year old girl we saw was having a pus discharge since she was a toddler and with ultrasound we were able to determine that the problem was a reversible congenital abnormality(duplicated collecting system with the upper moiety emptying into the vagina and infected).  We arranged for her treatment and her life should be normal.  Another mother of 4 had a pregnancy that she could not have safely delivered in the setting available.  We were able to arrange an alternative setting so her children will have a mother to raise them.  These are but a few examples of what we can see.