HELPS-Guatelmala, June 2011

Thank you again for allowing us to borrow this critically needed equipment.


El Salvador 2011

 The trip was a great success.  We did an average of over 20 US per day and a total of over 100.  We used all three transducers including using the endovag  transducer to diagnose an endometrial polyp and on another patient a complex ovarian mass (probable cystadenoma).  We also
used the small footprint of the endovaginal probe on the anterior fontanelle of a 6 month old to assess ventricular size.  The team sa

El Salvador

When we traveled to El Salvador we were not acutely aware that we were walking into the middle of the communist election.  It slowed us down for a day and then it was clinic as usual.  We had the treat of having families and medical students with us and it gave me a great opportunity to share the joys of ultrasound with the up and coming.  The ministry we served had much to teach us and we enjoyed being able to serve them in their outreach.

How I introduce ultrasound to the team

The ultrasound is both a diagnostic and a ministry tool.  We can use it very differently than in your current practice and I hope you can get over the idea that you need a deep justification to ask for the exam.  We can have fun and look at almost anything.   It can probably tell you whether something is solid, cystic, patent, occluded, inflamed, calm, large, small, how deep and hanging onto what.  These are things that are sometimes helpful to know. Thyroids certainly can be done but if there is a solid mass, benign vs.


The ultrasound traveled with Craighton and me to the copper country in remote Zambia.  There we were met with much need and we were able to begin addressing these needs in a more appropriate manner with the added diagnostic capability that ultrasound brings.   You were with me between the hand and the patient.  We imaged around 100 patients and saw many interesting cases.  We had one lady who had not been able to lie down and sleep for over a week.  We were able, with ultrasound guidance, to help her by draining fluid and she said she was able to take a deep br


Most of the homes did not have running water and we found out the first night when looking for the bathrooms that the outhouses had no electricity (flashlights also left behind at the Church) or benches to sit on.   We were very lucky in that we had warm blankets and were able to sleep comfortable.  The host family spoke no English and we spoke no Romanian so the first night without translators was a real challenge. 


 The trip to Vilcabamba was longer than expected and included a plane ride to Loja and then a fairly long bus ride to our hotel.  We were a very large group with much equipment (including dentists’ chairs etc) and so some had to stand for this trip.  Linda Carried an ultrasound provided by UNITS USA and as usual and kept busy with that.  Craighton spent a lot of time with getting patients into seeing the doctors and working with the teen translators.


Cambodia is a beautiful country full of buffalo carts and rice paddies and with the aftereffects of the radical communists, Khmer Rouge very evident.  During 1974-78 the genocide of 2-4m citizens almost eliminated the educated and business classes.  The society has only started to heal in the past 8 years.   This was the first mission group which was allowed in and we had to spend a morning with the regional leaders, pictures, flowers and completing the red tape.  Our trip plans changed multiple times as doors we thought were open and available, got slammed shut and

Bombay Teen Challenge

Bombay Teen Challenge works in the Brothel regions to bring the love and care of Christ to this community.  GHO was allowed to partner with them briefly to see God at work in this community and to see lives changed.  BTC is committed to meeting not only the physical needs, but the mental, emotional and spiritual needs as well.